Jon and Rachel

our lives, our love, and our adoption journey

Meet Jon July 3, 2008

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Jon is a kind soul who thrives on being able to bring joy to others through serving them. He is patient, thoughtful and loyal. It seems like Jon knows how to do practically everything! He is the handyman in our house and constantly amazes me with his skill in fixing things.  Jon is a careful observer and learned how to do things by working with his dad around the house. Jon’s dad likes to recount that when Jon was younger he was so enthralled by learning how things worked that he took the doorknob apart one day, to see how it worked, and as his dad walked through the door and touched the doorknob, it fell out of the door. Jon has an incredible wealth of knowledge (some useful, some not so usefulJ). In fact, our out-of-state friends kept calling him one night as they were playing the “Who Wants to be a Millionaire” board game knowing he would have the answers when they were able to “phone a friend.” He got all the answers right!  Jon is a history buff.  His fascination for understanding other cultures has cultivated a deep respect for all people in different walks of life. He is going to make the best Daddy! I know he’ll be an active part of our children’s lives as he teaches, plays alongside and loves them. He is my hero and the solid rock in my life.  



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