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…And the skies were not cloudy all day July 16, 2008

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We spent the last few days crossing South Dakota and Minnesota. The picture was taken in Wind Cave, just a little bit south of Mt. Rushmore, but we also saw the Crazy Horse monument, spent time driving through the Badlands, and played a lot of games together.  We took along Jon’s parent’s GPS and had fun plugging in our destinations and the laughing at where it actually sent us. The first night of our trip we plugged in a restaurant. The GPS took us up the side of a mountain. As we headed up there, we got excited for a resort town type restaurant/dinner. When it told us we were at our destination, we were facing the side of a mountain with nothing there. It is lucky we didn’t chuck the thing out of the window. Note to all: the Broken Spur Cafe in Casper, WY does NOT exist (at least that we could find). 

South Dakota is beautiful. We could have spent a week there and still have not seen everything there was to see. Mostly it was nice just spending time together. We even ended up extending our trip longer than planned. Our phones were out of range for most of the trip so we were able to focus on what matters most…our family!



2 Responses to “…And the skies were not cloudy all day”

  1. amy Says:

    What a fun trip! You are getting my taste buds watering for a trip with my husband again! I am so glad that you two are taking advantage of having fun together. You really know how to spend quality time and focus on what matters most. It’s a beautiful world out there, huh? But mostly when you can see it with the one you love.

  2. Sally Says:

    It looks like you have been busy traveling the country! I swear, you two have been to more places than I could ever dream. Looks like a neat trip!

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