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Moments of wonder July 19, 2008

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Milwaukee Harbor lighthouse

Milwaukee Harbor lighthouse

We made it to Milwaukee a couple of days ago, and have been spending time with our dear friends and their cute 1-year old little boy.  Last night we took a boat tour on the river and Lake Michigan with them, and I found myself wishing (a lot) that we had a little one in our lives. It is amazing how much this little guy can change our hearts and perspective on life in just a few days.  The waiting is hard, but these moments give a glimpse of the sweetness that lies ahead. This has been a fabulous vacation! 




One Response to “Moments of wonder”

  1. roni Says:

    Milwaukee!!!! You were in my neck of the woods. Well, sort of…I actually live in central WI, but I was close to Milwaukee on the 18th! I had to take my 9 yr old to Janesville to the school for the blind for a two week camp.
    Glad your vacation is going great! 🙂

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