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Good things in music August 26, 2008

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This last week has been one of the harder times in our journey, and I came out of the weekend feeling totally inadequate and emotionally drained. Yesterday on the way home, I turned my iPod to Michael McLean. For anyone who hasn’t heard him before, he is an LDS singer-songwriter, and has written several songs that have had huge personal meaning for me over the years. A couple of good ones in a row came on for me yesterday-

– The Gift We Could Not Give Each Other
– Hold On
– From God’s Arms to My Arms to Yours

The first and last ones are specifically about adoption, both from the Adoptive couple side and from the birthmother side of things, while Hold On is more about enduring the trials that come to you along the way to great blessings. Now before you get cynical and think that I have only a few of his songs on my iPod, and it’s not that unusual to come up with that series of songs, I have almost 100 of his songs, among the 3000 songs I have on my iPod at any given time, and few of his songs have ever spoken to me as personally as those three in a row did. His music gave me renewed strength and focus to continue on our adoption journey, and reminded me that in the end, whatever trials we face along the way, they will be be insignificant compared to the blessing of adoption.

– Jon


2 Responses to “Good things in music”

  1. Davey Says:

    Rachel & Jon–You are the best and my heart goes out to both of you! I miss you and can’t wait until the next time I get to see you!

  2. becky Says:

    On my mission, I had a similar experience with the Hold On song (which I usually deem as too cheesy to listen to on a regular basis. But there is something very powerful and very true when you hear it while you are going through a trial. The truth that God is watching us and that He will help us if we keep holding on is so comforting that it supercedes the cheese factor. In my life I usually experience a surge of trials and down times right before a great blessing. It’s almost like passing a test to receive the reward, but we never realize it until we look back. Good luck with everything… I know you have a great blessing in store.

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