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Salmon, Sweet Potatoes, And In-Laws! September 1, 2008

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Jon's Parents

Jon's Parents

Last night we had Jon’s parents over for dinner. Aside from being the parents to my favorite person, they are two people I admire and love. We had salmon and sweet potatoes and they didn’t even laugh for me about being obsessed over making two orange foods. I’ve watch too many cooking shows that talk about having a diversely colored plate.  It was fun chatting with them and Jon had a great time showing his dad the projects he is working on around the house.

 They are good in-laws who have always cared about me. I first got to know them about 8 years when I went camping with them in Moab. Jon’s dad likes to talk about me helping unload the truck and setting up his tent in addition to mine. For me, the thing I remember the best is meeting the family dog, Nibbs. She wasn’t a normal dog. As long as I was petting her, she was a sweet dog, but as soon as I pulled my hand away, she would snarl and bark like she was ready to attack. Apparently, that meant she wasn’t done being petted – I still don’t get it. Either way, It was there I got to know Jon’s parents.

In the 8 years following that trip, we have grown closer and spent countless time together as a family.  They are completely supportive of our decision to adopt. I was touched once again last night to hear of them taking advantage to tell their neighbors and friends about our desire to adoption. I’m proud to carry their name, and am grateful for the love and support they give me… even after serving them two orange foods for dinner.



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