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Our Bundle of Joy!!! October 30, 2008

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Our baby boy was placed in our arms this morning!!! We have truly felt the love of our family and friends through these last few weeks (when we haven’t been posting as frequently) and are thrilled beyond belief!


8 Responses to “Our Bundle of Joy!!!”

  1. hsaxton Says:

    Congratulations! And God bless you!

    Heidi Saxton
    Extraordinary Moms Network

  2. Ronda Says:

    I am so very happy for you.

  3. Sally Says:

    He is just beautiful, and perfect, yayayayayayay!

  4. Tammy Blais Says:

    Oh! He is SO beautiful! Congratulations mom and dad! You must be thrilled beyond words. We send our love and best wishes.

  5. BJ Says:

    Congratulations! I am sooooo excited for you. He is very beautiful. What is his name?

  6. Becky Says:

    Yeaaaaaah! I am so excited to meet Baby Sam! He and Charlie are going to be such great friends. I am so happy for your family. Can’t wait till you get home

  7. Linsey Says:


  8. Alison White Says:

    I have been thinking about you and Jon holding your baby boy. Just to stare at him and see your family unfolding. So beautiful and meaningful. I hope it is everything you have been wanting and more. Good luck. Count me in as one more mommy that wants to be available to you for anything you may need. Good luck and Congratulations. Your baby is a lucky one.

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