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My Little Valentine! February 14, 2009

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Where have we been for the past three months? Sleeping. Feeding. Changing. Rocking. Bathing. (Certainly not in that order!) Adjusting to being parents. Loving our little boy. Enjoying our miracle.  It has been an incredible (and exhausting!) three and a half months! I love our little boy more anything. It is a pleasure being his mom. At times, as I’m folding laundry or changing his diaper or feeding him in the middle of the night, I smile. I smile because I’m lucky to be part of his life. I’m lucky that his birthmom made a courageous decision that resulted in me being a mom. I’m lucky to have a front row seat to his little personality unfolding. I’m lucky to be the recipient of so many smiles and giggles.  


He had me at hello….


3 Responses to “My Little Valentine!”

  1. sally Says:

    That is the cutest photo I have ever seen! What an adorable smile!

  2. linsey Says:

    that is so sweet! i can’t ever read anything on this without crying! you are the greatest mom ever! i need to meet that little guy and give him his presents! i am still so happy for you!

  3. becky Says:

    What an adorable picture! You guys really know how to capture the little moments. What a cute little valentine

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