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Jon’s First Father’s Day! June 20, 2009

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Tomorrow is Jon’s first Father’s Day. I think back to when we first saw Sam. As Jon held him for the first time, tears rolled down his cheeks. There was an instant bond between the two of them. I think back to when we brought Sam home on the plane. Jon held sweet baby Sam through the really really bumpy plane ride. I think back to when Sam got his first shots and tears again rolled down Jon’s cheeks wishing he could take away the discomfort. I think back to when Sam was sick and wanted to be held round the clock and Jon would hold him the entire night. I think back when Jon read to Sam the book Tell Me Again About the Night I Was Born by Jamie Lee Curtis, and was barely able to get the words out. I think back to when Sam first smiled, laughed, rolled over or started to crawl (last night!) and the excitement on Jon’s face as he understands what a great miracle this child is in our lives. And then I think back to the time we said goodbye to Sam’s birthparents and the tears as Jon promised Sam’s birthfather that he would always love and protect their son. He has done that, DSC_0115and so much more.

Small boys become big men

through the influence of big men

who care about small boys.

– Anonymous

Happy Father’s Day!!!


3 Responses to “Jon’s First Father’s Day!”

  1. Lareen Strong Says:

    No fair making me cry on a Saturday morning. I’m sure Jon is, and will continue to be, the best dad ever. Love to the three of you. XOXO

  2. becky Says:

    Oh, so sweet! you guys both make me cry regularly… The boy in our ward gave his mission farewell on sunday and talked about his birth father and his Real Dad. Sam is so lucky to have such a great DAD. Happy Fathers day!

  3. Anna Says:

    We love your family! You are amazing!

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