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Has it Really Been Three Years? November 20, 2011

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In October we celebrated Sam’s third birthday. November is National Adoption Month and Thanksgiving. These three events are so closely tied and related in our family. Sam is such a sweet boy. He is full of energy and life. He told his friend the other day that he isn’t potty trained because “my mommy likes to change my diaper.” Oh boy! We love the front row seat we have as he grows and develops. He keeps us running and laughing.  Here’s to our little Sam-O!!!


What have we been up to lately? May 18, 2011

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Daddy on the left, Mommy on the right.

1. Stomping in puddles

2. Playing with cousins

3. Sculpting with playdough

4. Singing songs

5. Coloring

6. Cleaning the walls (see #5)

7. Sidewalk chalk

8. Playing trains

9.  Visiting Grandma and Grandpa

10. Watching Sam grow up way too fast!


And we fell in love all over again…. July 25, 2010

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Although parenthood definitely has its moments of being loud and messy, and louder and messier, and even louder, and did I mention the messes….we find ourselves having moments that remind us what life is all about.

  • Sam points to the moon in the sky and asks daddy to get it for him so he can play ball. Jon lifts Sam on his shoulder and tells him to reach high and they’ll try to get it together.
  • Mommy is buckling Sam into his car seat and after giving a kiss, Sam says “love you.” The first time without being coached. This mommy heart melted. I love that kid.
  • Holding hands on date night and hearing my sweet (and foxy!) husband say how much he loves our life together.

I love it too.